Nick Stekovic has made a name for himself as a thought leader in the fields of education and project management. As the founder of Project Management Revolution program, he has been disrupting the traditional educational model by providing hands-on training and coaching for those looking to transition into project management careers from their current unfulfilling jobs.

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His approach focuses on teaching skills needed for success in the field rather than just obtaining certificates or degrees. Stekovic’s unique perspective and approach have garnered attention and recognition within the industry, making him a highly sought-after speaker, educator, and consultant. He has an innovative philosophy on education and has strong opinions about the difference between knowledge and certificates.

“Anyone who has gone into debt to obtain a degree in this field will tell you the same thing: a degree or certification most of the time does not equal a job,” Stekovic says. “You can graduate, turn your tassel, and celebrate, but as you settle into the real world, you realize quickly that your credentials aren’t a golden ticket to your dream job.”


This is why he founded Project Management Revolution program. With his years of expertise, he stepped back and examined the project management industry – and found the training sector severely lacking.

“What we needed in this industry was a project management training organization that offers actual skills and knowledge,” he states. “Project Management Revolution program is focused on giving participants the tools they really need in order to succeed as project managers.”

Nick Stekovic prizes practical knowledge over certificates and for a good reason. Traditionally, people become project managers through two main avenues: by obtaining a university or college degree or by getting certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). But these traditional methods have proven to be insufficient.

“So many graduates or certified individuals are still unable to find jobs, as they lack practical experience, hands-on skills, and abilities to present themselves in the best light,” Stekovic attests. “They don’t know how to navigate the industry. They get stuck in less than ideal roles, hoping for a breakthrough that, for many, never comes.”

He aims to change that.

“With Project Management Revolution, we want to solve this problem by offering a comprehensive training program that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of project management,” Nick shares.

He adds that the program’s training includes valuable coaching that is designed to help individuals become project managers in any industry. The program focuses on developing the skills needed to manage projects, people, and themselves effectively.

Unlike traditional methods that prioritize certification over knowledge, Project Management Revolution believes that practical knowledge is more valuable. The program teaches participants skills they need to manage projects, teams, budgets, and timelines rather than just coaching them on how to pass a certification exam.

This approach is more effective in helping these hopefuls to succeed in the project management industry because they are actually getting the real-world knowledge they need in their future careers. “Anyone can pass a test once,” Stekovic scoffs. “But do they have the skills to manage a project being thrown at them Day 1? If they work with us, they do.”

Project Management Revolution’s program is designed to be flexible and customizable. The academy offers training for all levels, including those brand new to the industry, those who have never even considered entering the PM field, as well as current project managers looking to advance – those who already have certificates but struggle to put it together and land a job.

“We aren’t a 2-4 Day Bootcamp pushing memorization or teaching them how to pass an exam,” says Stekovic. “Our training program covers all of Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid delivery frameworks both as a Project Manager and a Scrum Master.”

In addition to the theoretical aspects of project management, Project Management Revolution offers hands-on training that simulates real-world scenarios. The program provides learners with the opportunity to see how projects are managed through interactive videos, homeworks, and usage of actual project management software. This practical training helps learners gain the confidence and experience they need to succeed in the project management industry.

Project Management Revolution also provides custom resume writing and interview coaching to each student as part of the program. This service helps individuals highlight their newly acquired skills and knowledge on their resumes as well as coaching them how to pass job interviews. Program’s LIVE weekly Q&A calls with Nick provide an additional layer of support to students, allowing them to get answers to their commonly asked questions and beyond.

“We have already seen hundreds of students transition from their existing careers to project management, with a very high job placement rate,” Stekovic shares. “We know this works. Our students have gone on to work for leading public, private, and government organizations around the globe.”

In the end, Project Management Revolution students all agree that actual knowledge, practical application, and real-world skill training are what make or break a potential project management career. Simply obtaining a certification is just that – essentially, paying for a piece of paper claiming you can do the job while not giving you the skills to do so.

Nick Stekovic will be holding a series of in-person seminars worldwide. Confirmed cities so far are: Toronto, New York, Austin, Belgrade, and Dubai in 2023. 

The program offers a 100% guarantee that each student will land a project manager job as long as they follow the training closely, and come on each weekly Q&A calls asking questions. Should they not land a job in the 16-19 week timeframe from the start of the program, Nick will personally coach each student until they do. This guarantee sets Project Management Revolution apart from other educational institutions and highlights their commitment to their students’ success.

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