Rick Ross faces opposition for his upcoming car show at his Promiseland mansion. But if you ask Rozay, his challenges are supposed to happen.

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Rozay hit his Instagram story and spoke about the backlash he receives from his neighbors.

“I wouldn’t even feel right if they wasn’t boycotting boss becuase I never got nothing easy. It was never handed to you. I would be confused if they just let me get the money when everybody else just met big rich producers and got record deals and got rich. Rozay had to do it a whole nother way. I would be confused if they wasn’t boycotting the boss.”

In case you missed it, a report from local WSB-TV states the rapper’s neighbors pulled up to the local Board of Missioners in Georgia and complained about Rozay’s car show and how it impacted traffic.


With the car show set to happen again in 2023, Rozay’s neighbors have created and passed a petition to shut down the show. The show is believed to bring over 6,000 fans to the area. The Concert, Car, and Bike show is set for Ross’ estate on Highway 279.

One neighbor stated, “Our quality of life was unnecessarily compromised.”

Another added, “We feel locked out. It took me 40 minutes to get out of my subdivision.”

The show is currently set for June 3 and has Lil Wayne booked.

This isn’t the first time Ross has had issues down at his home in Georgia. Just a month ago, Rozay had problems with the buffaloes roaming the land. Buffaloes are enormous animals that can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. His property, his problem, right? Sure, until the buffaloes marched over to a neighbor’s property and could potentially cause an issue for her small children.

TMZ notes the animals were on Rozay’s neighbor’s lawn, which she discovered when she came home from work. After visiting Ross’ home to talk about the animal, a verbal dispute happened, leading to a civil dispute later.

Additional animals at Rick Ross’s home include four horses and a bull.

You can see the buffalo below.