Ice Spice caught the eyes of many during her first Met Gala appearance. She arrived on the red carpet with a vintage film camera. The vintage camera she carried with her was the Argus C3 “Brick” camera. It was called “brick” because of its bulky structure.

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The “In ha mood” rapper put a twist on the antique device. The camera was decorated with black and white diamonds surrounded by a rose gold frame. The Argus C3 “Brick” camera was created in 1939, and stopped producing more of the product in 1966. It was very popular during that time as millions of people used this specific camera.

This device caught many of the photos taken during World War II. When speaking with LaLa on the red carpet, the Bronx rapper tells the BMF actress that she is excited to take “some fire pictures.” La La mentions the camera and Ice Spice responds that she is “obsessed with her”.


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