Boosie Badazz wants Desiigner to know he is not alone in his mid-flight masturbation moment. Hitting VladTV, Boosie revealed that he, too, has once gotten his rocks off during a flight.

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In case you missed it, Desiigner is facing charges after exposing himself on an airplane. The rapper has been charged with indecent exposure after pulling out his penis and masturbating in first class on a Delta Airlines flight.

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According to TMZ, legal docs state Desiigner would not stop masturbating despite repeated asks from flight attendants. He was eventually moved to the back of the plane and was cared for by two friends. When Desiigner stood up, a jar of Vaseline dropped into the aisle.

But Desiigner had an explanation for himself. Once he was with authorities in Minnesota, the rapper said he “didn’t really get much…cootie” during his Japan visit and was “brick hard” during his flight. In addition, Desiigner also said a flight attendant turned him on, and by flashing her, he thought it would provide “encouragement.”

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Understanding the news, Boosie acknowledged that Desiigner “fucked up” and “He need to go to that fucking hospital.” It’s assumed he is speaking to a mental institution. But then Boosie went on to detail his own on board beat off.

“My dick get hard on the plane,” Boosie said. “It was a long plane ride. My dick get hard on the plane too. Go jack off in the bathroom. I done did it before. Go jack off in the bathroom. Fucking right, I did. I was watching Twitter one day. Man, I was on Twitter, I went and hit my shit in the bathroom. Fucking right.”