Remember Akademiks saying NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk were calling off their beef? That sounds like cap. Youngboy blasted Akademiks on Instagram over sales numbers while throwing a jab at Durkio in the process.

“This pussy ass nigga Akademiks. Actin’ like I give a fuck about numbers.I just dropped two weeks ago. This pussy ass nigga finna drop. Bitch, I ain’t worried about no numbers.”

– NBA Youngboy

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He added a bit more, “All you like to do is get drunk and talk shit. That one gon’ get you fucked up.”

On Twitter, Ak acknowledged the diss and offered some push back:


“Lol I never thought I see the day my homie diss me cuz his sales low. This rap game is the devil lol. Youngboy I forgive u man. We can get them sales up otherwise …… lol. But ok.”

Earlier this week, DJ Akademiks stated the beef between Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy, is officially called off. Ak stated the beef was over while he streamed on Wednesday.

“That beef is squashed,” Ak said. “I’m serious. Durk and YoungBoy don’t have beef no more.”

Both Durk and Youngboy give moments to say that report is false as you can hear below.

The beef between the two date back over the last few years, sparking after the death of King Von.