Today, the nonprofit criminal justice reform organization REFORM Alliance, in partnership with co-chair Michael Rubin and Kim Kardashian, is announcing their collaboration to alleviate the financial burdens of over fifty mothers trapped in the probation and parole system. These women hail from various locations including New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, Los Angeles County, Florida, Virginia, and Illinois.

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Through the joint efforts of REFORM Alliance, Michael Rubin, and Kim Kardashian, the restitution, fines, and fees of these mothers will be paid off. This significant step will enable most of them to terminate their supervision or become eligible for early termination, a move that has garnered the endorsement of many of their probation officers.

Among the beneficiaries of this relief is Danielle Davis, a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2012, Danielle was convicted of a nonviolent offense and sentenced to twenty-three months of parole and three years of probation. Unfortunately, when her sentence was scheduled to conclude in 2017, an additional twenty-three months of parole and three years of probation were added, not due to any new crime or violation of probation conditions, but solely because of unpaid restitution. In 2022, her probation was extended for another three years.


Kim Kardashian expresses her empathy for the struggles faced by these mothers, stating, “It’s hard to fathom what these mothers have to go through. All they want is the chance to rebuild their lives, and yet our system keeps them trapped in an endless cycle of supervision. I want to do my part to give these women the second chance they’ve earned. I urge lawmakers and advocates across the country to work toward changing outdated laws that keep too many people unnecessarily behind bars. I will continue to bring awareness to these important issues until there is change.”

Throughout the eleven years of Danielle’s supervision, she has had no violations and no encounters with the law. As a mother of four, she has recently undergone two open heart surgeries and struggles to meet her probation reporting requirements, including the burdensome task of traveling from Philadelphia to Media, PA to meet with her probation officer despite not owning a car. While living on a fixed income, she makes monthly payments ranging from $50 to $100. Danielle confesses, “I thought I’d die on probation” because she could not afford to settle the full amount she owes.

Together, Kim Kardashian and Michael Rubin are relieving Danielle of the remaining balance of her restitution, fines, and fees, along with more than 50 other women facing similar circumstances.

“Probation and parole were meant to support people as they re-entered society,” explains Michael Rubin. “But instead, these systems keep people stuck. Forcing people to remain on supervision because they can’t pay restitution is deeply unjust – and it doesn’t improve public safety one bit. REFORM Alliance is committed to transforming probation and parole and getting people out of the system for good so that they can be back with their families, contribute to their communities, and move on to live productive lives.”

This initiative will liberate the women from the trap of constant supervision and provide them with a foundation for rebuilding their lives. These mothers have demonstrated their commitment to rehabilitation and have successfully complied with the terms of their supervision without any violations. Additionally, many of them have the support of their supervising officers in terminating their supervision once their financial obligations are fulfilled.

Kim Kardashian, Michael Rubin, and REFORM Alliance aim to raise awareness about the flaws in our parole and probation systems while supporting this deserving group of women on Mother’s Day.

“These women have shown a true commitment to transforming their lives,” states Jessica Jackson, REFORM’s Chief Advocacy & Operations Officer. “Like many other mothers still ensnared in the system, they’re taking responsibility and striving for a better future for their families. It’s time for all of us to do our part to support them, and to create a criminal justice system that truly prioritizes public safety. I hope these women have a beautiful Mother’s Day and that this effort helps them move on with their lives.”

Jessica, a mother of three, has been serving as REFORM’s Chief Advocacy & Operations Officer since the organization’s inception in 2019. Her personal experience with the criminal justice system came when her then-husband was incarcerated due to an offense related to his addiction, shortly after the birth of their first daughter, Hannah. This firsthand encounter motivated Jessica to dedicate her career to criminal justice reform.

REFORM Alliance is fully committed to the transformation of probation and parole practices throughout the United States. They aim to achieve this by advocating for changes in laws, systems, and the overall culture surrounding criminal justice. Their vision is to replace America’s current criminal justice system with a restorative approach that emphasizes fairness, accountability, and rehabilitation. Collaborating with local, bipartisan coalitions, REFORM Alliance has successfully contributed to the passage of 16 pieces of legislation in 10 states. These legislative achievements have paved the way for approximately 650,000 individuals to exit the criminal justice system.

In order to identify the women who will benefit from their efforts, REFORM Alliance has worked closely with community-based organizations and supervision agencies across the country. By partnering with these entities, they have been able to ensure that their support reaches those who truly need it. A list of organizations is available below.

·       Above All Odds 

·       Sappho Fulton, Womxn Beyond Borders 

·       Pennsylvania Department of Corrections 

·       Court Collections Unit for Court of Common Pleas, Cumberland County 

·       Mayor Levar Stoney (Richmond, VA) 

·       Nolef Turns 

·       Neighborhood Resource Center 

·       Fail Safe ERA 

·       NY Dept of Probation 

·       Sister I Can Help (IL) 

·       Living on Purpose ATL 

·       Motherhood Beyond Bars 

·       Lifechangers Legacy 

·       World Harvest Prison Ministry 

·       R.E.S.T.O.R.E Duval 

·       Anti-Recidivism Coalition 

·       Ladies of Hope Ministries