R&B singer Tank is a legend in this business. He started making noise in the 90s and became a background singer for Ginuwine and Aaliyah. Tank developed his talent by singing in his church choir, and before you know it, he was called to be a part of a sold-out tour. The money he earned helped him pay all his bills, the R&B crooner said on his podcast, R&B Money. Thanks to his mother, she made the R&B crooner pay all his bills.

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After performing with the likes of Aaliyah and Ginuwine on tour, he landed a record deal with the “Try Again” singer’s label. Tank also received a $250,000 advance but admitted that it didn’t last long.

“When I got my record deal advance and my publishing deal advance, that’s when it went left. That’s when Tank came out the tank and started getting knocked. I’m talking about crab legs as big as your back.”


Apparently, the 47-year-old did not know how fast you could spend $250,000. Before he knew it, Tank only had $1,000 left to his name. Though he blew through his advance, he spent money on equipment to enhance his career. He invested in mixers and MPCs and now the rest is history.