Former basketball standout at Fresno State, Allen Huddleston has merged the gap between his love for basketball and fashion. Inspired by his grandfather, Thomas Huddleston who owned a grocery market in California’s Central Valley, Allen continued his grandfather’s legacy of  offering his customers heritage, hospitality, love—and culture. In 2020, when the world slowed down, Allen began designing sneakers frustrated by brands re-releasing the same shoe. He ventured to Italy in search of crafting his creations using the highest quality leathers on the market. The results were a clean shoe with 100% calfskin complimented by patent leather on the eyestay and toe bumper. The Source sat down with the founder of Zepyure to find out more about the origin of his creations and which artist he can see sporting his designs.

How did your love of sports play a role in the actual design of your shoe?

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My love of sports will be felt with every design. Sports/Basketball is something that has been in my DNA since I could walk. My dad was even a basketball coach at a Community College while I was growing up in Merced. One of the sneakers we are working on is a “court sneaker” all of the sneakers we design will have some sort of sporting influence that can be felt through the design.

Allen Huddleston
Allen Huddleston

What has been the most fulfilling moment of creating this brand?


Creating items that people can enjoy and cherish for years. To me it’s about the impact that we can create for future generations, and the opportunities we can create and share with one another.

Zepyure Dalita White $495 (1)
Zepyure Dalita White

What did you learn about quality while creating your footwear?

Quality is a staple behind everything that we do and we will never compromise that. Through our handmade process, we’re able to create one of a kind pieces that our customers can appreciate and enjoy for years. For quality to be present, our production process is longer than most other brands. We aim to create thoughtfully curated sneakers in minimal runs, to abstain from overproduction and waste. Because of this, our customers are able to appreciate items they know are exclusive to them, and won’t be found anywhere else.

Zepyure Dalita Black $495 (1)
Zepyure Dalita Black

What hip hop artist would like to collaborate with fashion-wise?

I really enjoy J.Cole and what he stands for along with his lyrics. I also appreciate his casual effortless style which is done tastefully.

What’s next for Zepyure?

Next for Zepyure, is to release our runner sneaker which will drop this summer.