Andre “Dre” Lyon, known for being part of the renowned production team Cool & Dre, recently revealed becoming a partner with Lobus, a prominent platform for managing cultural assets. Lobus currently oversees a vast portfolio of assets valued at over $9 billion.

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In his capacity as a partner, Dre will collaborate with Lobus to introduce an innovative approach, enabling musicians, entertainers, and creators to present their assets as alternative investment prospects. This new model allows individuals to issue public shares, akin to how Fortune 500 companies do, for their music catalogs, digital content, artwork, and other valuable cultural assets.

Dre’s involvement with Lobus signifies a transformative shift in investment infrastructure, where culture itself becomes a viable asset class, surpassing traditional stocks, bonds, and commodities. This groundbreaking development empowers individuals to engage with cultural assets in a novel and unparalleled manner. Moreover, it presents artists, musicians, filmmakers, influencers, and other creators with an opportunity to monetize their intellectual property, fostering wealth creation that can benefit future generations. Lobus and Dre are spearheading this innovation, enabling a wide range of individuals to access and benefit from the value of cultural assets.


“I am thrilled to partner with Lobus in merging culture with finance,” Dre said. “We are entering a transformative era where songs from two decades ago are being rediscovered and propelled to overnight success through platforms like TikTok and Twitch. By simply selling our catalogs, artists are missing out on the potential rewards. We need a model that allows us – the creators, the originators – to remain connected to our assets and continue growing our work during this extraordinary period of growth. We pour our blood, sweat and tears into our work, and it is only fair that our future generations benefit from our sacrifices and artistic contributions. Lobus is the new paradigm.”

Dre’s role as a partner at Lobus involves utilizing his extensive network and industry knowledge to facilitate the introduction of top-tier assets to the market. He will be the primary contact for artists, creators, and entertainment professionals seeking to monetize their music catalogs, digital content, and other intellectual property within this innovative investment model. Dre will collaborate closely with Lobus to expand the platform, champion the interests of artists, and ensure that creators maintain ownership as they evolve into multi-faceted brands.

Under this new model, institutions and individuals can invest in prominent contemporary brands, diversifying their portfolios and gaining exclusive experiences across various cultural sectors. At the same time, musicians and creators receive access to exceptional financial, media, and advisory services that support the growth of their intellectual property and foster meaningful connections with their audiences.

“Lobus and Dre share the same mission,” Lobus Co-Founder and CEO Lori Hotz. “We are both committed to using our collective experience across finance, culture and technology to help creators build generational wealth and reach new entrepreneurial heights by aligning incentives. At Lobus, artists are not disintermediated from their value.” 

 “As an artist, Dre understands the true value of his art and how those assets can drive economic growth and create a new paradigm,” Lobus Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer  Sarah Wendell Sherrill said. “With his partnership, we feel confident that we are establishing a robust ownership model for artists and empowering them to be the true founders of the work they produce.” 

Dre also will release his debut album, Nah For Real, at the end of the year. Earlier this year, Dre joined Forbes BLK’s Advisory Council as a strategic thought partner.