Snoop Dogg might be one of Hip-Hop’s favorite names, but that won’t stop the streets from doing what they do. It appears that Snoop’s Funko Pop! Store in his hometown of Inglewood, California, has been vandalized, and many can only assume this stems from the city’s deep-rooted gang affiliations

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Opening its doors in January of this year, this brick-and-mortar store has been deemed Tha Dogg House, serving as a partnership between Snoop and Funko. Outside the shop is a huge mural of The Doggfather himself, rocking his signature all-blue ensemble, which showcases his support for the Crips.

However, it looks like that mural has since been destroyed. Photos on social media reveal graffiti being spray painted all over Snoop’s blue outfit, covering it with red paint — presumably an act on behalf of the Bloods, which is the Crip’s rival gang.


As if that’s not enough, the vandals also tagged the wall next to the mural, this time spray-painting anti-Crips messages such as “CK,” which stands for Crips killer. Thankfully, the cleaning crew arrived just in time to remove all the negative graffiti.

This store welcomes fans to shop Snoop Dogg x Funko Pop! and GOLD figurines, which see Snoop rocking his favorite sports teams, such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

On a positive tip, Snoop recently launched his new cereal with Master P called Snoop Cereal, which just hit grocery stores nationwide. 

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