Fetty Wap has been sentenced to six years in prison for his role in a multi-million-dollar drug trafficking ring.

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The New York Daily News reports Fetty Wap, born William Junior Maxwell II, was charged with conspiring of distributing over 100 kilos of heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine from the West Coast for sale in New Jersey and Long Island.

In 2022, Fetty Wap pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute and possess cocaine. After the plea, Fetty’s lawyers attempted to secure the five-year minimum as a sentence, citing his role in the trafficking was a result of financial strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“With the coming of the worldwide pandemic, things began to change for Mr. Maxwell. There were no opportunities to perform, thus his income was severely limited. He was sued personally, was going through a divorce, and was involved with a tour manager who was stealing from him. While the bills kept coming in, the money to pay them was running out,” his lawyer, Elizabeth Macedonio, wrote.

In opposition, prosecutors were pushing for a nine-year sentence and even used his hit single “Trap Queen,” citing it as a history of a pattern. “Trap Queen” was used as a tribute song to an ex-girlfriend who helped distribute it in Patterson, NJ.

Law enforcement busted the drug ring, collecting $1.5 million in cash, 16 kilos of cocaine, two more of heroin, and several fentanyl pills. Additionally, two 9-mm handguns, a rifle, a .45 caliber pistol, a .40 caliber pistol, and ammunition were recovered.

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