Damar Hamlin is officially back on the field for the Buffalo Bills. NFL OTAs are underway, and Hamlin was spotted participating in drills in a jersey but has yet to wear pads.

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In April, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin announced he plans to return to the football field. Speaking from Orchard Park, NY, Hamlin received the green light from three separate doctors to return to the NFL.

The announcement comes just over 3½ months after Hamlin’s near-fatal collapse in a Jan. 2 Monday Night Football game. Hamlin suffered from commotio cordis, “an extremely rare consequence of blunt force trauma to the heart that happens at exactly the wrong time in the heart rhythm, causing the heart to stop beating effectively.”


“My heart is still in the game. I love the game. It is something I want to prove to myself, not nobody else,” Hamlin said. “I just wanna show people that that fear is a choice that you can keep going in something without having the answers and without knowing what’s at the end of the tunnel. Or you might feel anxious, you might feel any type of way, but you just keep putting that right foot in front of the left one, and you keep going. I want to stand for that.”

Bills coach Sean McDermott and quarterback Josh Allen were on hand at the press conference showing and speaking to their support.

You can hear Hamlin speak below.