On Monday, Kevin Gates made a surprise visit to his alma mater. The “2 Phones” rapper stopped by Mckinley Senior High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Students and staff were excited to see the hometown rapper walk the hallways. Gates has been received well in his hometown as of late.

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Earlier this year, the Mayor granted him the key to the city. Right now, he is set to do a few shows, which he had four hours away the night before. Gates admits he didn’t get any sleep because he was just too excited to be back in his city and his school. He believes he is the voice for the voiceless.

”God didn’t put me here to be selfish with the knowledge and wisdom that I attain; so I use this to combat depression. I use this to combat bullying. I use this to combat suicide. It’s so many people that may be suffering in silence and don’t have an outlet. I’m their voice. It also empowers me by empowering them.”


The school auditorium erupted in screams and applause when Kevin Gates walked on. Taking out their phones to record, this was a moment that those students wouldn’t forget.

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