To support and prepare marginalized students to succeed in STEM, the Freewishes Foundation, in partnership with the 2K Foundations, will have a soft opening of their S.T.E.A.M lab today.

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May 26th, 2023….Students in Atlanta just got an innovative boost to their educational options thanks to Future and his Freewishes Foundation. The Freewishes Foundation is opening a sleek and innovative STEM lab!

To eradicate the educational gap in tech and science amongst marginalized students and minorities, The Freewishes Foundation’s S.T.E.A.M lab will support all students who wish to pursue careers in STEM. 


The “I Am a Dreamer” S.T.E.A.M lab has come to fruition with the support of the 2K Foundations. The lab will be located at Bessie Branham Park in the Kirkwood (Atlanta) area where Future grew up.

Under-served communities often struggle with inadequate technological infrastructure in their schools. This disparity has created a tremendous educational gap in which many students cannot strive. In the tech-driven innovative world that we live in, it is impossible to compete without the necessary educational tools.  Grammy Award Winning Artist, Executive, and Philanthropist, Future and his Freewishes Foundation wanted to change the disparities in education. 

“It’s important that all students receive access to STEM education regardless of their background.  Our Freewishes Foundation, with the support of the 2K Foundations has helped make this possible in our Atlanta community. We’re thankful for their commitment to support our initiative,” said Future. 

 The dedicated spaces for hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have become more prevalent as schools and educational institutions recognize the need for specialized spaces with appropriate resources and tools.  Students in STEM labs benefit from access to laboratories that challenge them with active learning and hands-on problem-solving skills. The in-depth education and utilization of technology position them for success in college and their careers. As Wilburn noted, there is an extreme gap in access to STEM education which impacts marginalized communities.

Unfortunately, STEM education is less accessible in marginalized communities where many public schools struggle to receive basic funding for their regular curriculum.  

“We are creating a science technology, engineering, art, and mathematics lab as an extension of Freewishes educational initiative,” shared Freewishes Executive Director, and Future’s sister, Tia Wilburn.  “We wanted to add art because both Future and I support creativity.  Our objective in providing educational opportunities is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all students regardless of income and background. There is a major gap in STEM education that impacts marginalized communities, and we want to close that gap so that no child is left behind,” said Wilburn.

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