Cardi B will ride for her man, and best believe Offset knows it. Speaking in a cover story with Variety, Offset gave updates about his forthcoming album and opened the door to his marriage.

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Speaking on his wife, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker, Offset revealed Cardi B always stands in his support.

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“She always got my back, right or wrong,” Offset said. “We both are on the same mission to make each other better. Social is her strong point, so I listen to her social advice. And me, it’s the music, but I play behind the scenes; it’s my wife so I want to make sure she win.”

Offset believes the duo makes for a “great team,” stating the two are a “powerhouse at this point — icon status. We believe in family. We’re always going to keep winning.”

Cardi B cosigned that notion, revealing the support is mutual. “It’s handled. I know that I have a man who has my back for real. I fully support him in this next chapter of his music career.”

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Offset hit Instagram with a tribute earlier this month, celebrating their union and parenting. The message was shared alongside a set of photos.

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“Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful wife such a great mother you went against everything for our babies and still was able to balance it all out! I love you 4ever and 4L,” Offset wrote.