Amy Luciani is here to declare her place in the rap game. Hailing from Detroit but currently based in Atlanta, Amy prides herself in being 100% authentically herself. Her tone is raw, her style is unique, her confidence is contagious, and her personality is out-of-this-world. And one thing you can count on: she writes all her own bars.

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Most recently, the rising star unveiled the official music video for “Bag Lady,” featuring Bigga Rankin. Opening the track, you hear her spitting, “Before we shake hands, I need to count my money twice. Had to sit these bitches down, told them I ain’t nothing nice. I’m the big dog bitches, catching issues tryna step. Bring the best riders in, I’m being real I’m not impressed.”

Speaking on what inspired “Bag Lady,” Amy states it was definitely “a lot of hustling women around me. Not even the ones that made it to success yet, but the ones that are working towards it. To really be in your bag is simply to be focused on your growth as far as your career, your business. Even if you’re an artist, entrepreneur, photographer, whatever, to be in your bag you are the bag lady. You got girls around me who party, they club. Some of them who already have the bag, then you got girls like me who are working our way up into it.”


While Amy used to write, she now freestyles all her records off the dome. “I heard the beat, I really feel like I’m the bag lady,” she explains. “I turn nothing into something, I want women to know what’s possible. Focus on your bag for a season, instead of so focused on either dating or the club, or all these superficial things that social media is telling us is success. I want them to know really what real success is. It’s staying in your bag, having your own ownership, being able to speak for yourself without somebody making you as a puppet. Faking like you got the bag, really get the bag. I wanted a record that was strong, lyrical. That encouraged women: go get your bag first, and the rest we worry about after that.”

Beyond the music, Amy recently announced she will be the newest cast member on MTV’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. While the show has asked her twice in the past to come onboard, this time, Amy’s joining on her own terms: pushing forward the brand and the music.