With the rise of social media, it’s easy to see how the other half lives. Television shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians brought the lifestyle of the rich and famous into everyone’s homes. When life looks that awesome, it’s hard not to want the same for yourself. 

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What if it was possible to find ways to live like a celebrity no matter where you live or who you are? You don’t need a fancy mansion or a million dollars. You just need to invest in some signature luxury products to help you feel like you’re living the high life. 

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Mueller Premium Espresso Machine



Do you think the stars wander into Starbucks every morning for their morning coffee? Absolutely not! The rich and famous have fancy espresso machines in their own kitchen to make their perfect pick-me-up beverage whenever desired. Well, they probably have a personal chef whip up a cappuccino or latte whenever the afternoon slump hits — but investing in your own espresso machine can help you feel like a celebrity in your own home. 

Mueller’s premium espresso machine makes a velvety shot of espresso and is available on Amazon. Imagine starting your morning with a frothy cappuccino you whip together at your kitchen counter. Create an entire coffee bar by adding your favorite toppings and syrups to quickly create any of your favorite coffee shop creations — no more waiting in long lines to satisfy your craving for a pumpkin spice latte or iced caramel macchiato. 

Investing in luxury items like an espresso machine can help you feel you’re living in the lap of luxury every day. Plus, making your coffee every morning rather than splurging at the cafe will likely save money in the long run.    

2. Detoxify Like Your Favorite Celebs With a PUR Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse

PUR Cold-Pressed

If you want to kick-start your health this spring — why not do as the celebrities do and reset your system with a juice cleanse? Movie stars constantly use detoxifying cleanses to get in shape before premiers and movie shoots. You can take advantage of this same system by ordering a cold-pressed juice cleanse from PUR Cold-Pressed. 

PUR Cold-Pressed provides a variety of full and mini cleanses to get you back to feeling your best. The mini-cleanse allows you to include one light plant-based meal per day, perfect for those who can’t imagine skipping lunch and dinner. Their full cleanses contain juices to replace all your meals throughout the day. They even have options for those on protein-rich diets, which include almond milk to help you keep you satiated throughout the day. 

Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds before your wedding, boost your immune system, or amp up your wellness routine, these juice cleanses can help you reach your goal. While it may seem crazy to spend a few days drinking only juice, the polyphenols found in plant compounds can help improve function in your digestive system and improve brain health. After a few days of juicing, you’ll feel more energized and have given your gut the reset it needs. 

3. Bring the Doctor to You With IV Therapy From The IV Doc

The IV Doc

Celebrities may seem to live perfect lives, but they are not immune to catching a cold or having a brutal hangover now and then. They simply treat their symptoms without leaving their home. With IV Doc, you can too. 

The IV Doc brings IV therapy services to you wherever you are. If you are under the weather or simply want a vitamin boost, they’ll come to you at home, work, or even your hotel. Imagine what a game-changer it would be to have a hydration-boosting IV treatment to help cure that hangover while you’re on vacation with your girls. That’s Kardashian-level treatment!

Plus, if you’re sick, they have telehealth doctors who will consult with you over the phone to help find the best treatment to have you feeling back 100% faster. Whether you have food poisoning, the flu, or a migraine, The IV Doc can help you treat it without leaving the comfort of your home or waiting in long lines at Urgent Care. 

4. Treat Your Pup to Human Grade Dog Food From A Pup Above

A Pup Above

Don’t leave your pets in the dust while you start living your glamorous celebrity lifestyle. They deserve the best too. After all, how could you be your extraordinary self every day without their over-the-top greetings and evening snuggles? Give them the star treatment by feeding them delicious and nutritious food free from filler ingredients. 

Most dog food is, frankly, gross. If you wouldn’t eat it, why should they? Upgrade their dinner to human grade dog food from A Pup Above. They work with food scientists and vet nutritionists to curate delectable meals for your pup made with farm-fresh ingredients and real meat — no fillers in sight. You can even scan the code on the back of the package to see exactly where each ingredient in your pet’s meal was sourced. 

Our canine companions deserve the best. Celebrities aren’t feeding their dogs bland store-bought kibbles. Give your dog the best with human grade dog food. It will make them happier, and it’s healthier. 

5. Transform Your Home Into a Spa Experience With Essential Oil Sets From Good Essential

image 5
Good Essential

When you think of a celebrity home, you probably imagine a mansion on the coast with a stunning view where you can watch the sunset. That may not be attainable on your current salary, but you can still elevate your home and make it more luxurious. 

Scent is a powerful tool that can help transport you to another place, and infusing your home with essential oils is a simple way to transform your home into a relaxing spa. Essential oil sets from Good Essential can bring the smells of that beachside mansion into your suburban home. Add a few drops of ocean breeze to your favorite diffuser and breathe in the seaside air.

Using essential oils around your home can help elevate your daily experiences. Infuse your bedroom with lavender to soothe yourself to sleep. Use cucumber and gardenia in your kitchen to create a fresh environment for your family to cook in. Let the scents elevate your daily life and help you live like the star you were born to be.     

6. Indulge in a Rotating Designer Wardrobe With Rent the Runway 

Living like a celebrity isn’t just about the diet and the house. It’s about fashion too. Do you dream of having an endless wardrobe of designer clothes, like Cher in Clueless? Rent the Runway makes it possible to have a rotating closet of designer looks without breaking the bank. 

Rather than spending thousands investing in designer pieces you may only wear once or twice, Rent the Runway allows you to rent them from their enormous closet featuring over 800 designer brands. You can choose from several membership options, including five to fifteen new items each month, and switch out clothing as you desire. 

With Rent the Runway, you can have a completely new look for every event you attend. Plus, Rent the Runway takes care of dry cleaning for you. You’ll live the celebrity lifestyle in chic designer duds and send your laundry to someone else. No more getting caught in photos wearing the same blouse on vacation two years in a row.  

7. Get Yourself Red Carpet Ready With Easy-to-Apply DIY Lash Extensions From Lashify


Looking like a celebrity is about more than simply dressing to impress. You must look your best at any moment if a paparazzi decides to snap a photo. Maybe you don’t have paparazzi hiding in bushes waiting to catch a glimpse of you running errands on a Monday — but it doesn’t hurt to look and feel your best while you bop around town. 

Even celebrities don’t do a full face of makeup every time they leave the house. We’ve all seen the photos of them popping out to the store without their contour. Yet somehow, they still manage to look fabulous. That’s because they treat themselves to lash extensions, facials, and more to create an effortless look. 

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look fantastic every time you step out the door. Lashify’s easy-to-apply DIY lash extensions create the look of mascara in minutes but last up to a week. Their Control Kit is customizable, so you choose the length and color best suits your eye shape and the amount of drama you want to achieve. With DIY lash extensions, you’ll be camera ready even when you run into the grocery store on a weekday. 

8. Add Some Bling to Your Ensemble With a Classy Cuban Link Chain by CRAFTD


Female celebrities aren’t the only ones with great fashion taste who look amazing every time their photo is taken. Male celebrities put together effortlessly stylish daily outfits as well. Look at Johnny Depp, Drake, and Harry Styles. They all find ways to play with fashion in ways that are unique to them.

One thing all three of these celebrities have in common in the way they dress is that they use jewelry to complete their look. Adding a necklace or rings to a casual t-shirt and jeans can instantly elevate you to celebrity-level chic. You don’t need to spend thousands on multiple pieces, either. One high-quality Cuban link chain from CRAFTD could add a bit of bling to make any ensemble pop. 

Cuban link chains are simple enough to wear casually but elevated enough to pop with a suit. Plus, CRAFTD’s chains are sweat and water-resistant, so you can wear your necklace on vacation, at the gym, or on a date. 

9. Finance the Sparkle You Need To Complete Your Celebrity Look With Credit Jewelers Like Daniel’s Jewelers

Daniel’s Jewelers

Sometimes you have a special occasion that requires a unique piece of jewelry. Say you have a wedding coming up and want a gold and diamond necklace to emphasize the neckline of your gown, or perhaps you’re hoping to celebrate your anniversary with your partner by gifting them something special. Don’t settle for cheap jewelry. With credit jewelers like Daniel’s Jewelers, you can afford the best. 

Daniel’s Jewelers has a stunning selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that can add that celebrity sparkle to your look. Their finance program allows you to pay for your dream piece over time rather than spending all your money at once. 

If you are looking for a statement piece or a gift worthy of the special someone in your life, Daniel’s Jewelers can help you find and afford jewelry fit for the stars. 

Live a Life of Luxury 

Just because you aren’t rich and famous doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in brands that help you live that celebrity lifestyle. You deserve the best, don’t deny yourself. Manifest the life you want by living like a celebrity in tiny ways each and every day.