The Golden State Warriors are set to enter a new era as Bob Myers has announced he will depart from his role as the team’s president and general manager.

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In a statement to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Myers said: “It’s just time.”

Myers was instrumental in building the championship Warriors teams over the past decade.


Speaking on the possibility of Myers departing, Draymond Green spoke on his podcast after losing in the playoffs, revealing their bond.

“That does suck, because again, Bob is one of the guys I rode in with, that I’ve been on this journey with for 11 years and have all been plugging away each and every year trying to deliver championships,” Green said, according to NBC Sports. “That’s what makes us go, that’s what we’re all in it for. The possibility that he may not be here does not sit well with me. It’s frustrating.

“Number one, most importantly, I built a friendship, a relationship with Bob Myers that even if he is gone, when I’m gone, both of us no longer here … that is a relationship that I have built that will last for the rest of my life. Someone I confide in, someone I trust. And so to know that may not be here, that sucks. That hurts, because I’ve appreciated going to work with him every day for the last 11 years and the things that he’s taught me.”

Green added, “I think in life we all need people who hold us accountable and he holds me accountable at a totally different standard.”