A’ja Wilson and the Las Vegas Aces are off to the hottest start in basketball at 4-0 with an insane point differential of +24.7. The Aces are a title favorite, powered by Wilson, Candace Parker, Kelsey Plum, Chelsea Gray, and Jackie Young. That’s an all-star at every position in the starting lineup.

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Most people would refer to the Aces as a superteam, but Wilson rejects that notion. Speaking with Paul George on the Podcast P with Paul George, Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, Wilson reveals she doesn’t believe in superteams.

“I just feel like we’re all coming together with the equal goal and we’re just trying to reach that goal,” Wilson said. “That doesn’t make us super.


“We’re talented and skilled, yes. But when it comes to a super team, nah because I feel like that’s where the pressure come in. If we lose a game they’re like ‘oh this super team sucks’ and it’s like well no one told y’all to label us as a super team. I feel like everyone on the outside talks about a super team more than we do.”

You can hear the full conversation below.