The “Act Bad” video is out and giving you all the energy you need for the summer from Diddy, City Girls, and Fabolous.

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In the song’s essence, Diddy ignites the screen with a boundary-pushing video that blazes new trails. With Kid Art at the helm, Diddy brings his concept to life, resulting in captivating visuals that transport viewers to the thrilling underbelly of Miami’s nightlife. It captures a night out where inhibitions are shed at the door, exuding an undeniable rebellious and defiant aura.

“Act Bad” embodies the song’s confident and unapologetic attitude, inspiring viewers to break free and embrace their wildest desires. Get ready to be tantalized and seduced by the creativity that sets the stage for an unforgettable summer. Moreover, this video not only pushes boundaries but also serves as a promotional platform for Diddy’s Deleon Tequila, featured in both the song and video, making it the official drink for a daring and adventurous summer of “Act Bad.”


Diddy is laying claim to the “Song of the Summer.” While out golfing, Diddy revealed “Act Bad” will be the song of the summer.

“Today is a big day, I drop a new single with City Girls, Fabolous. We all teamed up together to make the song of the summer, “Act Bad,” Diddy said. “‘Act Bad’ means just being free, enjoying yourself, letting go, not giving a f*ck.”

Loso delivers the single’s opening bars weaving his verse inside Diddy’s, bringing ample DeLeon shoutouts, letting you know that should be your drink of the season. Yung Miami then takes over for an isolation verse full of tools to an Act Bad summer.