Jaren Jackson Jr. is enjoying the NBA offseason, but he took some time to pull up on Podcast P with Paul George. Speaking with PG13 and the crew, JJJ showed love to his teammate Ja Morant.

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“[Ja Mortant]’s good,” JJJ said. “I think just growing up with this much attention on you, like, especially being this young, it’s a lot to deal with. I mean, you’re always gonna make mistakes growing up and people gotta understand, growing up and you’re the most popular player at this age, probably ever theoretically….It’s insane. A lot of things back then that you could get away, you can’t do, you gotta be, a certain way….People always got to understand that everybody’s human.

“That’s my brother though. Like no matter what, like I stand by my brother and I think that’s like the lesson everybody should take away from this….Everybody’s gonna say whatever but they’re everybody, and it never matters at the end of the day. It’s your family, it’s your brother. That’s just how I am. It’s not like a code thing, that’s my dog, so I’m gonna ride with him. He’s gonna get right back to running the league like he does, he gonna get right back to jumping over everybody. He gonna get back to running it just like he does. He already knows that, you know, he works hard.”


Elsewhere in the podcast, Jaren Jackson Jr. speaks on the playoffs, specifically getting humbled and how it will help in the future, but he does get a reference in on LeBron James being old. “But [LeBron] is old and he kicked our ass. He kicked our ass and he’s old. He dropped 20 and 20. He’s thinking about retiring. I mean, he’s been playing since 03.”

You can see it all on the Podcast P with Paul George, Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment below.