Following exposing Zion Williamson with a consistent run of tweets and videos, Moriah Mills is becoming one of the hottest pornstars on the Internet. TMZ notes Mills’ Pornhub numbers flew threw the roof after she called out WIlliamson.

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Mills’ search results flew 2293% in the search engine, bringing her to No. 91 on the Pornhub rankings and No. 34 for the week. She was in No. 173 in May.

It was happy baby bliss for Zion Williamson for all of one day. Then another woman, 32-year-old pornstar and OnlyFans model Moriah Mills hit Twitter and aired out the basketball star for having a relationship with her.


In a Wednesday (June 6) Twitter rant, Mills dived into all of the details of her relationship with Williams, stating the Pelicans star claimed he did not have a girlfriend. Mills told Williamson, “Better pray I’m not pregnant too because I’m definitely late @Zionwilliamson.”

Williamson’s pregnant girlfriend, Ahkeema, stated, “Happy hoes ain’t hating and hating hoes ain’t happy.”

Earlier this week, Williamson revealed he and his girlfriend are expecting. Using a fireworks display, Williamson and his girlfriend, 22-year-old Ahkeema, revealed they would have a girl.

The couple dropped a video recapping their gender reveal party with family and friends. At the conclusion, pink confetti shot through the air with a fireworks display.

Williamson also dropped a special message for his forthcoming daughter, “My baby, you’re going to see this at some point. I don’t know what the future holds, but mommy and daddy love you.”

He added, “If you don’t know nothin’ else in this world, know that mommy and daddy love you — for life.”