Darryl Campbell, aka podcaster Taxstone, was convicted of manslaughter in connection with the 2016 shooting during a concert at Irving Plaza. The shooting stemmed from a longtime feud Taxstone had with rapper Troy Ave, who testified against him, prosecutors said. McPhatter was Troy Ave’s bodyguard.
A jury in Manhattan found Taxstone guilty of shooting and killing Ronald McPhatter and seriously injuring three others. Now Taxstone is revealing the person who testified against him in court. Tax accuses a former acquaintance of snitching on him for no jail time in his own case. Tax posted a photo of the guy he accused along with a caption explaining his post is a lesson to the kids about loyalty. 
Tax wrote on his Instagram page:

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This guy Malcom Kinyon of Poughkeepsie AKA M.A a guy I never even had a argument with testified in court On me so he wouldn’t have to serve time for selling over 1,000 kilograms of cocaine. He told the Government I admitted a murder to him so he can receive no time for selling over 1,000 kilograms. Now he has to do no time in prison for running a drug ring for 16 years. This story is for the kids. when it comes to survival people will do whatever it takes to survive as I did the night of the incident that landed me in jail. I only regret going out that night I don’t regret how it played out cause if it played out the way they wanted I would be dead. But I say watch who your loyalty is given to assess it properly every moment of your life cause you could be giving loyalty to someone who would throw you in the pit to save themselves.



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