DJ Khaled is nursing injuries and states he is “in so much pain” after a fun day of surfing turned sour.

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Khaled hit Instagram on Monday, showing he was tossed from his surfboard while trying to stand on it, leading to the need for a massage to alleviate some of the pain.

“I have the footage of me falling, flying through the sky, hitting the board on my rib,” Khaled said. “Bellyflopping in the water.”


The masseuse was not the only treatment Khaled would receive; opting to have a doctor visit him as well. “My masseuse is saying it’s just the muscle. She feels the muscle really irritated and disturbed in that area.”

The doctor calls to ensure “nothing serious” happened to him. However, Khaled got an X-ray, describing the pain as high level. Ultimately, Khaled a “big, real bad bruise.”

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