YNW Melly is currently one of Hip Hop’s most watched trials, as the double murder trial is being livestreamed from the courtroom, with the antics from the defendant and his attorneys receiving the most attention.On day one, the lawyer for YNW Melly was shown trying to mask her conversation with her client with a “evil plans and stuff notebook”. Now, Melly himself is being scrutinized for praying before blowing a kiss during court proceedings.

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Around the 40 second mark of the above news clip, Melly, whose given name is Jamell Demons, can be seen in what appears to be meditative prayer with his hands clasped before blowing a kiss and extending his arms out.

Critics are questioning the actions of the 24-year-old in the courtroom with one of the victims’ mothers even stating that he shouldn’t be praying.


“I walked out because…what are you praying for?,” said the victims’ mother. “You sitting over there like you got no remorse. Every time I walk in the courtroom, you’re smiling. This ain’t the time for that. This case is sad. This is serious.”

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