André White, also known as Monsieur Blanc, is a designer who has seamlessly merged the worlds of fashion, art, and music. With a rich background and a unique perspective, he has carved his own path in the industry, drawing inspiration from various influences and experiences.

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Growing up, fashion was always a significant presence in André’s life. From his fascination with new Jordan designs to his parents’ involvement in fashion, he was surrounded by a creative environment. His father, who owned one of the first streetwear boutiques in America, and his mother, who made dresses and modeled, played a crucial role in introducing him to the world of fashion. Additionally, growing up in 1990s Chicago, where the drug dealers influenced fashion trends, further shaped André’s perspective.

As a teenager, André began traveling to different cities, discovering diverse styles and incorporating them into his fashion approach. His trips to New York, where he explored exclusive sneaker shops and streetwear boutiques like Dave’s Quality Meats and Goliath, left a lasting impression. Similarly, his experiences on the West Coast, particularly in Los Angeles and San Francisco, exposed him to new creative influences. These encounters fueled his passion for fashion and laid the foundation for his future endeavors.


Throughout his career, André has had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of individuals, all of whom he considers credible. From renowned models signed to agencies like Ford and Wilhelmina to his friends with unique looks, André appreciates working with people who bring their own perspectives and vibrant spirits. Although he has worked with notable names like Beyoncé, Future, and Kendrick, he values collaborations with his friends just as much.

What sets André apart from other designers is his fine arts background. His formal training in art has shaped his distinct point of view, allowing him to approach fashion with a sculptor’s or painter’s eye. Unlike the education focused on fabrication in fashion school, André’s art education emphasized conceptualization and creative thinking. Additionally, his ability to navigate different walks of life effortlessly, from boardrooms to ateliers, sets him apart as a versatile artist.

For André, being an artist means deciphering signals between the unexplained and materializing them into physical form. It involves training oneself to recognize unseen aspects that others throughout history may have missed. This perspective reflects his deep understanding and appreciation for the artistic process.

While André’s work is primarily rooted in fashion, he believes it transcends the human tendency to categorize and label. His creations go beyond being confined to a single category. Whenever he felt pigeonholed into a specific role, such as a fine artist or a fashion designer, he embraced other creative outlets like music. Just as Andy Warhol embraced various roles and perspectives, André believes that each of his creative endeavors informs the others, creating a cohesive artistic journey.

Looking to the future, André has ambitious plans. He aims to refine small but significant rituals for happiness in his life, emphasizing gratitude, patience, and kindness. He strives to maintain a childlike freedom while focusing on efficiency. Furthermore, he aspires to contribute to the great cannons of art in various forms, such as fashion, literature, film, architecture, and activism. His non-profit organization, “C.A.L.M.,” focused on wellness, is an important part of his work. Ultimately, André believes that his evolution as a human and as a father is the true measure of his success—an act of transcendence.

One of the notable components of André’s fashion label is the music aspect. During the pandemic, he started the F.L.O. (For Lovers Only) playlist series, which served as the soundtrack to their garment releases. Over time, F.L.O. evolved into its own entity and philosophy, celebrating the nuances of Romanticism and love in all aspects of life, including practice, art, and approach to life itself. With the upcoming release of the fourth installment of the FLO tape series, titled “Love Song,” Monsieur Blanc takes it a step further. This release not only includes the digital playlist but also a vinyl record of the soundtrack accompanied by a zine. By creating cohesive experiences that go beyond clothing, Monsieur Blanc is truly engaged in the art of world-building.

André White, the founder of Le Grand Heirs, brings together the worlds of fashion, art, and music under the pseudonym Monsieur Blanc. His unique perspective, influenced by his upbringing, travels, and fine arts background, sets him apart in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to creativity and a desire to transcend conventional labels, Monsieur Blanc continues to make his mark, creating a legacy that encompasses much more than just fashion.



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