You can’t have a conversation about Flint, Michigan rappers without mentioning RMC Mike. Coming from true humble beginnings, the rising star is walking proof that you can make it out of any situation, as long as you work hard, stay passionate, and remain true to yourself at all times. 

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Most recently, RMC Mike unveiled his newest project titled Senior Season, following his previous installments Rookie Season and Junior Season. Speaking on the project, RMC Mike states, “Now, I’m a senior. It’s time for me to graduate. That was the main reason why I set up this last album the way I did, to show them I’m not just a shit-talker. I’m versatile, I can really make music. On this album, I put three or four different types of vibes on there. I got good feedback on it too. It’s time to elevate, try to take it to the next level.”

Plus, his distinct raspy voice and knack for storytelling sets him apart from all the other rappers in the music industry, with lyrics inspired by real-life experiences that have molded him into the man he is today.


The Source caught up with RMC Mike in downtown Los Angeles, who was in high spirits stating “life’s been treating him well.” Read below as we discuss his new music, love for sneakers and jewelry, goals, conversations with Rio Da Yung OG, signing to Peezy, and more!

How have you been since the last time we chatted?

I’ve been good. I dropped two new projects since the last time we met, which is Ghetto Assassin and I just dropped an album called Senior Season. LIfe’s been good, treating me well.

Senior Season out now. Talk about linking with Sada Baby on “Break It Down.”

It came about genuine, just like any other record me and Sada do. I was in a studio and I recorded the record. My producer made me stop first, he’s like “bro we gotta put somebody on here.” I’m like who ya thinking? He said “Sada.” I sent it to Sada, he liked it and sent it right back with his verse on it. Killed it. The video in the making too.

“I’m Back” reached a million views on Youtube. How does that feel?

It feels good. It reached a million quicker than it has been. That feels good, that lets me know people tapped back in. It gives you that courage back. It’s time to push that gas, gotta keep it in motion.

I like that song because I like the motivational records.

Yup, that’s what I was on forreal. That was the feeling I had that day. It just came out. I don’t know if you know, I really don’t structure songs. I just go in there and do me. I don’t write or nothing. It all came together how it was supposed to. It started with the beat. Shout out my boy Smack, he really from out here. He’s the one who got me the beat. It came out good.

What do you think it was about that video?

Really, Ghazi did that forreal. Ghazi had his man shoot it. I went to go meet with him at the EMPIRE office. This was before the album was out, I let him hear the song. He’s like “this song can be big. Let me do you a favor, I’ma have one of my people shoot you the video.” We shot the video. He’s telling me “bro, wait until you see this video. He’s one of the best in the world.” When they sent me the video, shit. Hands down, best video I got so far. As far as quality-wise and effects, best video I got. Shout out EMPIRE for sure.

I know you’re always dripped out, what are your favorite brands?

My favorite brands right now are Gucci and Dior. I’ve been back fucking with a lot of Supreme, been buying a lot of Supreme lately. Kicks wise, I got a variety. I’m a sneakerhead, so I got a variety of kicks. I’ve been fucking with SBs lately, SB dunks. 

How many pairs of sneakers do you have?

Ooh wee, I probably got a thousand pairs of shoes. I literally had to make a whole room in my house a closet, because shit is getting out of hand. I try to keep them organized somewhat, it ain’t just scattered. I try to keep it nice and organized.

What’s the most expensive pair you got?

Probably $1500, it was some Dior’s. They some new style Dior’s, I haven’t even worn them yet. You know Lavish, with the big shoe strings? It’s on some skateboarder shit, but they remind me of that. Dior tried to do something different. I liked them, I just had to have them. But I haven’t worn them yet. 


I got a lot of shit I haven’t worn yet. Because I be saving shit for when I got important shit to do.

Put pieces, outfits together. I might have bought the shoes six months ago, but I just found the top to go perfect with it. I put it together like that. I always got something on ice though, I got a lot of shit.

I see you’re always rocking the jewelry. How much you got around your neck right now?

This is $65K. This is my first chain right here, this is $10K. That’s $75K. I paid $15K for this, so that’s $90K. This is $25K, so that’s $115K. And we ain’t talk about the little ropes. $4500 for this ring. This watch $50K, glasses $6500. We got roughly $140K, $150K.

Do you ever get nervous walking around in LA with all that?

Not necessarily. LA don’t give me that vibe. This shit could happen anywhere in the world though, I’m always on my p’s and q’s. But I get so much street love, it be crazy. I don’t really run into bad vibes. When people see me out, they be more so happy to see a n*gga.

It’s always been like that?

Yeah, forreal. I’m just a cool, humble guy. That’s all it is. People tell me that all day, every day. “Bro, you’re so fucking humble.” I don’t look at it like okay I’m living good. I got jewelry, nice cars, houses. I don’t look at myself as better nobody. I still feel like I’m the same n*gga that’s back in the hood. I don’t know, that’s just me.

Did you ever think you’d be here today in LA, with however much you got on?

Hell nah. If we’re being real, coming from where I come from, this shit is a dream come true forreal. Just to be in LA period. Me growing up, we never traveled. So I’ve never really seen outside of Flint, Michigan. Rap blessed me to see the world now. This shit is a true blessing, I never in a million years thought I’d be here.

What are your goals now then?

My biggest goal is to stay relevant. Music only lasts for five years, the genre of music. The music’s changing every five to seven years. So if I could stay relevant for the next five to seven years, I’ll be content with that. I’m not saying I gotta be the biggest star. I mean, who don’t want to elevate? I definitely want to elevate, but I’m not saying i gotta be the biggest star. If I could still be relevant within five to seven years from now, I’ll be happy with that. I swear I’ll be happy with that.

Was watching the “Pick Me Now” visual, talk about hitting donuts in the Dodge SRT. 

Oh yeah, that’s my homeboy’s car. I had him bring it out for the video shoot. Ain’t gonna lie, I was thinking about my brother Rio when I made that song. Free Rio [Da Yung OG]. Marc Boomin was a producer that I got introduced to from Rio, there’s a certain sound Marc Boomin got. Rio loves Marc Boomin beats. He’ll rap on Marc Boomin beats all day long. When the beat came on, I instantly started thinking about bro. That song “Pick Me Now” really was inspired by bro, forreal.

Have you spoken to Rio?

Yeah I speak to him. He’s good, in high spirits. He’s ready to come home man, he misses his kids the most. That be the biggest thing that he expressed to me. Physically, mentally, he’s good. Keeping himself in high spirits, but he’s like “bro, it’s the not seeing my kids. That shit eat me alive.” Even though they go visit him and all that, but that little hour don’t be enough. That’s the biggest thing, he misses his kids.

Talk about how dirt bike riding and racing is a big part of the culture in Flint.

It done grew over the past three years. A lot of us had little bikes in the hood, but they came up a rideout every year. Three years ago, it started with probably 10 people. No exaggeration. Now, the last rideout had over 300 riders. It’s getting bigger and bigger every year. Motherfuckers are driving in from different states to come do the rideout. It’s always been something fun. We already don’t have shit to do, where I’m from anyways. It’s nothing there forreal, so we try to make fun. Then to see the people’s reaction, when we riding deep. A lot of us together, doing something positive. Doing something to have fun, instead of hearing all the negative all the time. It’s a hobby forreal.

You still stay back in Flint, you plan to stay there forever?

Hell nah. It’s been two places I’m looking: either Atlanta or Houston. Ain’t gonna lie, I’m pushing towards Houston a little more than Atlanta.

Is it because of the houses?

That’s one of the reasons, but I also got good relationships with a couple of people down there. You know Sauce Walka, Peso Peso and all them? That’ll be dope. Me coming from the Midwest, to get love from the South, it’s big already. If I go down South and try to take this shit over, that’s my goal. I ain’t saying take it over, but get the South hip to this Midwest shit. There’s two hard places to get your music, that’s the South and New York.

Why those? 

Because the South and New York always had — first of all, they got their own distinctive styles. They got so many poppin’ artists that came through both of them areas, they be more stuck to the what they used to hearing. Not saying all, some people might branch out and listen to different things. But most of them are biased. South people, Texas, they like the chopped and screwed. Slowed down shit. Which we in the Midwest, we uptempo. Fast beats. New York, they got the New York drill type shit. That’s what they like up there. 

It’s hard to conquer them two areas. But if you do bust open them fanbases, they gon’ love you forever. That’s what we trying to do, we try to bust open the East coast and the South. Because Midwest and even on the West over here, y’all been hip to our sound for years. Cali been fucking with Michigan artists for years. We try to get the South and the East coast on board. once we do that, it’s up.

How’d you end up signing to Peezy?

It was more so how close me and Rio were forreal. My talent got something to do with it too, because I can rap my ass off. Peezy and Rio had built a relationship, before they signed to anything. Peezy was gon’ fuck with Rio, but Rio stressed to him “there ain’t no Rio without Mike. This my man, this who I rap with.” Even Peezy said it at the same time, “y’all two are the hardest n*ggas I ever heard. I don’t see nobody outrapping y’all two.” Shit, it made sense. You can’t get Rio without Mike. Even if it was the other way around, it would’ve been the same thing. You can’t get Mike without Rio. Because I would’ve been on the same shit. Look bro, my brother Rio. He here with me. We come as a package deal damn near. It all worked out like that forreal.

What’re you most excited for next?

More music. I’m going to tap back into my acting again. I did a little Tubi movie called Damaged Goods. I want to tap back into that again. Just bigger success forreal, a lot more new music on the way.

Anything else you want to let the people know?

Just know I’m coming. Free Rio, Ghetto Boyz. I’ma hold this shit down, bro will be home soon. We gon’ keep grinding, that’s all I can do.