INDOCHINO, the renowned leader in made-to-measure apparel, has partnered with Scoot Henderson, the #3 pick in the recent NBA draft. Together with Mix of Luxe stylist, designer, and artist China Henderson, INDOCHINO has created a suit that pushes the boundaries of customization, resulting in a truly unique look.


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Scoot Suits, a testament to his rising style icon status, pays homage to the gemstone namesakes of the Henderson family. The collaborative effort between Mix of Luxe and local seamstress Orinthia has resulted in over 600 stones meticulously hand-sewn onto the jacket. These stones form a family tree, adorning Scoot’s shoulders with the birthstones of his parents and siblings, symbolizing protection, strength, spirituality, energy, and wellness. The branches extend across the jacket, blossoming into flowers representing his personal growth.

Furthermore, several members of the Henderson family, accompanying Scoot to the NBA Draft, will also don made-to-measure INDOCHINO suits, with bold colors that highlight their own gemstones. INDOCHINO and Scoot plan to continue their partnership through “Scoot Suits,” an initiative to provide custom suits to young professionals in Scoot’s hometown or new city.


INDOCHINO had the honor of dressing a total of 11 picks from the 2023 NBA draft class, working closely with each athlete to create made-to-measure suits that authentically reflect their individual style. By offering personalized options such as fabrics, linings, lapel styles, and custom embroidery, INDOCHINO celebrates uniqueness and self-expression. Customers can now shop the “Dress Like A Pro” collection, which guides them on replicating each athlete’s look while providing opportunities for personalization.

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