One thing Meek Mill going to do is rap. Over the weekend, Meek hit Instagram and shared clips of three freestyles. One tackling Tupac’s “Hail Mary,” another over JAY-Z’s “Renegade,” and also Jadakiss’ “Still Feel Me.”

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Meek Mill is ready to go. Hitting Twitter, the Dreamchasers leader revealed that he has two albums ready to go.

Tweeting on Father’s Day, Meek Mill stated he is working on a joint album with Vory before announcing the second one is a “collab album.” The joint album with Vory is set to feature Symba.


“It’s going to be a top tier rap album and a vibeeeee,” Meek wrote. “It’s a collab album from some Of your favorite artists on one super movie.”

Last Wednesday, asked fans if they think he “fell off.”

The Philly-based artist posted: “Who think I fell off or don’t really think I got it with rapping anymore?….I’m fr I need answers and tell the truth I’m not taking it personal … I need to hear how people think before I do what I do! A social experiment! Answer if you a supporter of mines!”

Responses to the tweet were mixed with some users saying that he needs to adapt his music to be more in line with current artistic styles while others said that he should stay true to his original style and perhaps go deeper on subject matter now that he is older. A few cracked jokes about other alternative income streams such as selling feet pics.

One thing that many were in agreement on was the fact that the only way the question can be answered is with the release of new music. Meek released his last studio album, Expensive Pain, in 2021. The album debuted and peaked at number three on the US Billboard 200 chart.