Lul Icey, also known by his real name Isaiah Lambert, is a rising artist who’s just begun to make his mark on the music industry. Born and raised on the southside of Racine, Wisconsin, the creative comes from humble beginnings. At the age of ten, Lambert wrote his first song, an R&B/HipHop track titled “Both Ways,” and a newfound passion was born.

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Early on, Lul Icey worked on his craft by recording songs on his iPhone using GarageBand and uploading them to SoundCloud under his actual name, “Isaiah Lambert.” During high school, he was introduced to FL Studio by fellow classmate and producer CeeStackz, who is now famous for his credits on Peezy’s Billboard Top 10 Hit “2 Million Up.” Lambert then went on to release his first single as “Lul Icey” titled “No Love” which peaked at 52,000 plays. 

Since, Lul Icey has been super busy juggling his music career, studying for his Supply Chain Management Associates Degree, and his work in the community. Lul Icey’s impact extends beyond just his music career. His commitment to combating gun violence led to the creation of the “Put The Guns Down Basketball Association Presented By Lul Icey,” a basketball league with a mission to promote peace and unity. Recognized by the Mayor of Racine, this initiative has empowered the community and provided a platform for change. Not to mention the work done by his community outreach non-profit organization “The Lambert Foundation.”


Through his music and work around his community, Lul Icey is striving to have a positive impact on as many people as possible. Coming at the end of August, the artist plans to drop a new album, “Game Cold But It’s Fair,” alluding to lessons he’s learned in the streets and understanding that’s what made him who he is. The project looks to take all that bad energy and turn it into something positive and productive, featuring a mix of family-oriented songs, club bangers, songs for the stoners, drinkers, and ladies, and a couple that are more spiritually motivated. 

Stay tuned as Lul Icey’s journey to promise is just getting started. You can check out his previous releases on Spotify below.