Vanessa Bryant has won a lawsuit against BodyArmor, one of Kobe Bryant’s largest investments. According to TMZ, Kobe dropped $6 million for an investment in 2013, receiving 10% interest back. The company sold for $5.6 billion to Coca-Cola, making that investment $400 million.

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President of Kobe Inc., Molly Carter, states the late basketball legend promised her 2% of his deal, which Vanessa says is false and is combatting her suit with a countersuit, stating Molly violated the non0disparagement clause in her contract. Molly is accused of calling Kobe names like “asshole” and “douche nugget.” She also added insults like “f***ing devil” and “bitch” in reference to Vanessa. Molly allegedly also attacked Vanessa’s newborn.

Molly also used racially charged language like “a lot of fancy-ass Black people” when speaking of a private jet she rode on to the NBA All-Star game.


Vanessa and her team were awarded over $1.5 million in attorney fees as the case went into arbitration, prevailing in the lawsuit and countersuit.