This month, Georgia rapper Quando Rondo was arrested on a 49-count gang indictment that labeled the rapper as the leader of the Rollin’ 60s gang operation. After some debate in court, Rondo was granted a bond and had to hand over his passport. But that wasn’t the same offer to the currently incarcerated Young Thug.

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Hitting Twitter, Young Thug’s sister, Dolly White, spoke about the offer.

“So quando got a bond on Rico charges but they won’t give Jeff one,” White wrote. “Let alone found not one juror to start the process.”


She added, “The system failing us when they won’t Free Jeff already damn.”

Quando Rondo was granted bond in his gang indictment case. In addition to the $100,000 bond set on Monday, Rondo has a list of obligations to meet to remain out of prison leading to trial.

According to WJCL 22, Chatham County Superior Court Judge Tammy Stokes stated, “The court finds it significant that the defendant surrendered himself for arrest the day after he learned of the warrant for his arrest.”

As a condition, Rondo had to surrender his passport, couldn’t speak with co-defendants, must stay away from guns and illegal drugs, waive extradition, and couldn’t break laws. He must also be present at each of his court hearings.

In the previous update, Judge Tammy Stokes wanted to take “all of the information presented by both sides” before the bond decision.

Quando Rondo is one of 19 people charged in a multi-page indictment out of Chatham County, Georgia.

According to WJCL-TV, Rondo, born Tyquin Terrel Bowman, is included in the 49 counts of drug charges, gang affiliation, and illegal use of cell phones. Each of those being charged carries multiple charges.

Quando Rondo is accused of violating the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act and named a manager of the Rollin’ 60’s gang. He also faces charges for the illegal use of communication for using a cell phone to set up the sale of marijuana.

Rondo traveled to Macon, GA, on June 4 to pay for the marijuana; others traveled to Atlanta to deliver money to a supplier.

Before Quando Rondo’s arrest, Tremaine Grant, Samuel Yousman, and Angelo Mcnair were arrested for fentanyl, pills, and firearms. Grant is stated to be a manager of the gang with Rondo.