When Curren$y and Harry Fraud connect, you know what it will sound like. The rapper-producer duo is back with a new album, VICES, bringing the synergy back from Regatta, Cigarette Boats, and more.

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Curren$y and Harry Fraud’s new album is produced in its entirety by Harry Fraud and features Benny The Butcher, Larry June, Jim Jones, Rome Streetz & G.T.

“’VICES’ is a musical ‘tip of the hat’ to all of the coolest bad guys from one of the best examples of 80’s television,” Spitta remarks. “Let this serve as a time capsule from the times that shaped the Miami skyline and sparked an entire sub-culture that revolves around automobiles and fashion.”


“Sonically, it was important on ‘VICES’ to tap into the nostalgia of the 80s; while maintaining the forward-thinking sound Spitta and I are known for. From our mutual tastes in cars to television of that era, it’s always a very organic undertaking,” Harry Fraud reveals. “’VICES’ is the next chapter in the catalog of moments we began capturing over a decade ago.”

You can tap into the new release below.

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