Rapper Ice Cube recently shared the details of why he passed up on a $9 million role in a movie because he wasn’t vaccinated.
Ice Cube appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast this week and confirmed that he was set to co-star in Sony’s Oh Hell No back in 2020 but confessed he didn’t know how the story broke in the first place. He claimed he “didn’t go out telling everybody what happened” and suspected the story got leaked to put pressure on him.

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“I thought it was chicken sh**,” Ice Cube told Joe Rogan Thursday. “It’s like what happened to the HIPAA laws you know?”

Originally, the Hollywood Reporter leaked the story, but it still didn’t convince the rapper to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.


“They try to, you know, put my business in the street, put pressure on me, everybody around me tell me how stupid I am so I can go get vaxxed and say you know: ‘Please let me do the movie,'” Ice Cube said. “You know that was never gonna happen. I don’t care if it was 20 million. That was never gonna happen.”

Rogan, who has also publicly shared his own skepticism surrounding the vaccine, agreed with the rapper that it was the right decision.

“And if you got injured from that vaccine you would have paid that 20 million to be healthy again,” Rogan said.

In related news, Moderna revealed its plans in March to price its COVID-19 vaccines between $110 to $130 per dose, almost five-fold more than the $26 per dose the company has charged the government since last July. 


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