Nicki Minaj gave y’all some free bars in Rihanna’s Instagram comments. Rihanna was celebrating becoming the first female artist to have ten songs with one billion Spotify streams. In short, the message is “Carribean girls run it.”

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Rihanna celebrated by typing, “Bad Gal billi … with no new album… lemme talk my shit.” But the Queen of the Barbz really got her bars off:

“Not bad gal billi poppin shit like a wheele
I mean poppin like a pilly, like really
Man down cuz she making a Killy!!! Silly!
Bout to be pushin out a new kid like Gillie
Caribbean girls run it & AWWLLL these btchs know da dilly.”

Minaj signed off with “Okay bars” and #babydaddytellmeIGOTprettyeyes


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