Lil Yachty’s “Poland” went completely viral last year after Cardi B posted a video of herself twerking to the record… only she tweaked the lyrics. Instead of the chorus where Lil Yachty repeats, “I took the Wock’ to Poland,” Cardi B’s version was: “I took the WAP to Poland.”

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Most recently, the Atlanta rapper traveled to Poland for the first time, playing his international hit for fans at Open’er Festival for the first time. But he didn’t just deliver one rendition of the song, he played it six times in a row!

Footage of the insane performance was shared by Lil Boat to his nearly 11 million followers on Instagram, with the caption “LOVE 4 LYFE POLAND.” What’s hilarious is it seems Yachty gave that performance his all, as by the fifth or sixth round, his pants were nearly down to his ankles as his voice began to disappear.


In addition to the live show,  Lil Yachty was presented with the award for “Poland,” which won best US Single of The Year at the European hip-hop awards called Popkillery. Ironically, Popkillery is actually based exactly in Poland, with over 600K people partaking in the voting. They’re considered the biggest ceremony in Polish Hip-Hop and one of Europe’s largest Hip-Hop award ceremonies.

Along with this award, Yachty was presented with the Gold Plaque for Polish sales of “Poland.”

In addition to Cardi B supporting the record, “Poland” has gotten love from Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and Offset.