Today (July 6) marks the birthday of one of the most rebellious lyricists of Hip-Hop culture, the Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck. The culture notable turns 53.

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The unorthodox approach of Inspectah Deck raised a satisfying hell when he smoked the mic back in 1992 on Wu-Tang’s groundbreaking debut single “Protect Ya Neck.” Amid every single slot of opportunity, Deck proceeds to expose his ability to describe realities in the form of rapping with a style that the average human being cannot detect.

Following the Wu’s debut, the Rebel INS went on to drop persuasive verses on the solo projects of Wu members Method Man, Raekwon, GZA, and Ghostface Killah creating a slew of the collective’s most renowned tracks which are deemed infinite on the classical realm. In 1997, he went on to create history by giving birth to arguably the greatest verse in Hip-Hop history. Featured on Wu-Tang’s second studio album, “Triumph,” Deck left an enormous impression on the masses as he bombed “atomically” which overall triggered a supreme evolution with his outlook upon the Hip-Hop masses.


As his metaphoric mastery and mortal flow set in stone Deck’s emcee stance throughout the ’90s, his own solo debut was longingly anticipated. Finally, in 1999, Deck’s solo debut Uncontrolled Substance was released and Hip-Hop heads were blessed with the opportunity to witness the rebellious lyricist take center with his intricate rhyme patterns and soul bound narratives scattered in street reality.

Most may consider Deck to be one of the Wu’s most underrated emcees, but the truth of the matter is that he is one of Wu-Tang’s strongest lyricists. Not only was this evident during his prime time, but as the Manifesto maker entered the following profound eras of Hip-Hop, which can be proven in his most recent works. That only goes to show you to the truth about how soulful emcees, never stop.

Happy birthday to Hip-Hop’s rebellious lyricist, Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck!