Moriah Mills says she is hotter than ever after the Zion Williamson fiasco. TMZ tracked down Mills, and she revealed that the two are in a “halfway good” space.

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“Nobody has reached out to me. I noticed a lot of people online are making up stories. I haven’t received any letters about legal anything and I know he wouldn’t do any of that to me. I’m not worried about that.”

She also Zion, “Can’t get enough of this.”


Mills stated that her offers have raised following the drama, revealing basketball players have been interested in her after the chaos, and she received basketball-centric work offers.

Following exposing Zion Williamson with a consistent run of tweets and videos, Moriah Mills is becoming one of the hottest pornstars on the Internet. TMZ notes Mills’ Pornhub numbers flew threw the roof after she called out WIlliamson.

Mills’ search results flew 2293% in the search engine, bringing her to No. 91 on the Pornhub rankings and No. 34 for the week. She was in No. 173 in May.