Bizz the Prince Drops New Single New Jerz Anthem Via Dominion Hill Records. Rapper accused of turning his back on Jersey. 

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You can’t mention Jersey Hip Hop and not mention Bizz the Prince. The Bayonne rapper surprised us in late June by signing with New Jersey based label and management company Dominion Hill Records. Dominion Hill is distributed by Roc Nation’s Equity Distribution. Bizz immediately dropped “New Jerz Anthem” and the record is starting to roll on it’s own and has the state of New Jersey talking. 

We followed Bizz’s career since he released his first National retail album in Best Buy and was touring in a fleet of Bizz the Prince tour SUV’s promoting his album and two singles featuring Philly Freeway. From BET to HOT97 – to Interviews with Angela Ye; Bizz has consistently climbed the ladder as an independent artist. 


We reviewed the new single and the intro had an eye opening statement. 

“B-I Double the Prince A – Yo We Started this Sound – Jersey Club, Jersey Drill – I’m Him”

What does this mean for Hip Hop and the New Jersey rap scene in 2023. Obviously “New Jerz Anthem” is considered a Jersey Club record. The statement “We Started this Sound” is an obvious statement taking a shot at Artists that are dropping Jersey Club records in 2023; but the Garden State rappers and DJ’s are not receiving their fair share of the credit. This largely has to do with Jersey rappers that have to go to New York or Philly to break their records. If you are a rapper from Trenton – Jersey City your radio stations are HOT 97 and Power 105. From Trenton to Camden you stream Power 99 FM. How do New Jersey artists keep it Jersey if they have to find radio support outside the State. 

“Exactly” says Bizz the Prince. I was told personally back in 2011 that New Jersey was saying behind my back they didn’t f -k with me like that cause I turned my back on the state after my team and Rhasun signed my first deal in the same year. The same deal you’re talking about with my album featuring Freeway, Q Parker from 112, and DJ Kay Slay. 

So when I heard this years later I was stunned. My album was “Prince of Jersey”, I featured two Jersey artist, I recorded in Jersey, I produced 7-8 videos in Jersey, I did a short documentary “Against the Grain” which was shot on my block (18th st) in Bayonne and everyone came out for that, and the “Real Shit” video. I had shrink wrapped trucks with the New Jersey logo all over it. How did I turn my back on the state?”

“We always had heavy radio rotation in Ohio, Pittsburgh and Miami so we did spend a lot of time on the road – you go where the show money and the love is.” We had a lot of family in these places but we were heavy in Jersey too. I remember arguing with my publicist at the time who told me you have to leave the state more because you are putting yourself in a box repping one place. I didn’t want to hear any of it but she was right. We launched a clothing line “Jersey Swagger” that we sold on tour dates and in the streets. The brand was pirated and the Jersey Swagger T-shirts you saw for sale on the Jersey boardwalks was our design. Where did I turn my back?” – Bizz the Prince 

The previous Jersey Club anthem by Bizz The Prince “Drop it Down” was remixed by Newark’s DJ Lil Man which earned over 1 million streams combined, in addition the lyrics “Left Right Drop it Down” were sampled nationally by club DJ’s. 

“Lil Man, Albee, DJ Wallah, my bro Louie Jay; it’s dope to see Jersey making noise in this business. Keep posted, we have another remix in the works.”

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