Produced primarily by the Blastmaster KRS himself along with the Human 808 D-Nice, Edutainment is arguably one of BDP’s best albums before KRS began to venture into solo projects. The title was definitive of its contents; education through the entertainment of Hip-Hop music. This album was also the most populated in terms of members of Boogie Down Productions, with appearances from Ms. Melodie, her sister Harmony, Jamal Ski, D-Nice, Willie Dee, Mc Boo, and Kris’ brother Kenny Parker. Prior to this, BDP only consisted of D-Nice, KRS, and the late DJ Scott La Rock.

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The 21 song track listing included songs and skits, which were called “Exhibits”, where The Teacha and Black Power icon Kwame Ture spoke to cheering crowds about various subjects pertaining to Black people. Joints like the premier single “Love Is Gonna Getcha”, “Breath Control II”, and “Blackman In Effect” not only showed Kris’ cultural and political knowledge, but magnified his lyrical ability to adapt to any subject. “100 Guns”, which was remade by Ja Rule and Fat Joe during their beef with 50 Cent, further solidified the album’s street cred. From “Beef”(healthy eating) to “30 Cops Or More”(police brutality), Edutainment carried the appropriate title for what was in store for its listeners.

Supreme salute to KRS, the whole BDP crew from that era, and the entire BX. Peace!