Detroit fans were lucky enough to get two for the price of one when Ed Sheeran brought out Eminem for an epic appearance on stage.

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The surprise took place when Sheeran was performing in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit on Saturday when he teased fans by telling them he’d be covering Em’s song ‘Lose Yourself’.

Claiming he and his band had only learned the track earlier that day, Sheeran said: “Let’s see how this goes.”


The pop star got into the iconic opening lines of the song, strumming along on his acoustic guitar, but just seconds later a hooded figure emerged from a trap door next to Sheeran and joined in with the song.

When they realized who it was, the crowd went into a frenzy.

Sharing a video of the epic moment on Instagram, Sheeran wrote: “Detroit. What a moment.”

The singer told the crowd that Eminem was initially going to perform just one track, but explained: “I said, ‘you can’t come on in Detroit and do just one song.’ Do you want another song?”

After making their way through ‘Lose Yourself’, the pair collaborated on ‘Stan’, with Sheeran filling in for Dido during the chorus.

When it came time for Em to leave, he told the crowd: “Detroit, I missed you. I appreciate you, Detroit. I love you!”

The pair have also collaborated on a number of tracks in the past, with Sheeran featuring on Eminem’s songs ‘River’ and ‘Those Kinda Nights’, while Eminem appeared alongside 50 Cent on Sheeran’s track ‘Remember The Name’.

Sheeran is currently touring the US on his Mathematics Tour, which is set to continue throughout the summer before coming to an end in Los Angeles in September.

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