Adidas is expanding the availability of Yeezy sneakers into Foot Locker. Sneaker News revealed the sneakers will return to the iconic sneaker chain, and additional sneaker boutiques will carry the line.

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Sneaker News notes Foot Locker has not confirmed the eventual sale but cites sources across social media that the sneakers would soon be available.

Additionally, Footwear News reports a company-wide email was sent out after Ye’s initial dismissal. “[Our company does] not tolerate any form of antisemitism or hateful and discriminatory behavior. While we remain a partner with adidas and carry a wide assortment of their collections — we will not be supporting any future Yeezy product drops, and we have instructed our retail operators to pull any existing product from our shelves and digital sites.”


A return to shelves and websites would be a drastic shift from that messaging. The sneakers are believed to launch at Foot Locker in August.