International superstar Davido has once again demonstrated his commitment to giving back to the community through The David Adeleke Foundation (DAF). Today, the foundation proudly announced a remarkable donation of N237,000,000.00 ($300,000 US equivalent) to orphanages throughout Nigeria. Led by Mrs. Titi Adebayo, the chair of the DAF Disbursement Committee, the funds were successfully distributed to 424 orphanages, benefiting a total of 13,818 children.

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Davido stated, “I founded the DAF in 2022 with a strong desire and passion to continually assist others and create a proper framework for ongoing charitable works to benefit the good people of Nigeria. Through this foundation, we have raised millions of Naira and disbursed much-needed funds to hundreds of orphanages, significantly improving the lives of countless children.”

This latest donation follows Davido’s previous generous contributions as part of his global mission to support those in need. Reflecting on the impact of his previous donations in 2021, the philanthropist expressed how it left an indelible mark on his heart. The messages and letters from the beneficiaries further motivated him to establish the DAF, with the aim of making a more significant and sustainable impact.


The DAF’s efforts began in October 2022, seeking support from compassionate individuals and corporations across Nigeria to raise funds for the less privileged. Thanks to the generous contributions from various sectors and regions, the substantial donation of N237 million was raised, highlighting Davido’s commitment to continuously assist the less fortunate in any capacity.