Over the weekend comedian Jamie Foxx finally shared a video on social media thanking his fans for their prayers and support after suffering from an undisclosed medical emergency. Foxx said he decided to stay out of the public eye because he didn’t want people to see him in his undisclosed condition. Despite his daughter announcing her dad as recovering and playing pickleball, critics called foul.

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Fans still questioned the video saying Jaime ‘looked and sounded different’ despite rumors that he recovered from a severe stroke. Now legendary Rapper Ice-T is calling out the so-called Jamie Foxx conspiracy theorists claiming that the real Jamie is gone and the new Jamie is a clone.

People would rather believe that Jamie is now a Clone or Ai, than the man was just seriously sick and damn near died… Cause he doesn’t look EXACTLY the same??? YOU look different after a bad cold! Smh weirdos..



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