Carlos Macci, a man involved in the overdose of Michael K. Williams, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Williams was sentenced to nearly three years.

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According to The Blast, Macci was arrested due to a drug trafficking investigation. Macci is one of four charged.

Adding to the 30 months in prison. Macci will have three years of supervised release while serving year one of his sentence in an inpatient drug treatment facility.


Speaking to the court ahead of the sentence, Macci said, “I would like to say, your honor, I’m sorry for what has happened.”

Outside of the courtroom, Williams’ nephew, Dominic Dupont, said to NBC News, “Today was a sad day. There are no winners here. We lost an amazing human being.”

According to several confirmed reports, an additional dealer who sold the fatal dose of the drug to The Wire actor Michael K. Williams has pleaded guilty to a narcotics conspiracy charge. 

Irvin “Green Eyes” Cartagena was originally charged with narcotics conspiracy resulting in death, which could’ve resulted in a life sentence. Still, he pleaded to a lesser charge with a sentence of 24 to 30 years behind bars.

“I knew my actions were wrong and against the law,” Cartagena said via an interpreter. “I am very sorry for my actions.”

Cartagena is scheduled for sentencing in August.

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