Monica is reflecting on a moment when she left the stage to go into the crowd of the Riverfront Music Festival to stop the assault of a woman. Appearing on CNN Primetime, Monica wanted to ensure the woman was not harmed.

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“Simply put, I didn’t want to see her hurt or harmed, and her not make it back home after coming just to be a concertgoer for myself and Ashanti who was also on the show,” Monica said. “These concerts have become what almost feels like a dangerous space and place, and I just really want that to change.”

Monica stated that her instincts kicked in but that does not make her a super hero. “I did what I would hope that someone would do if they saw that happening to my aunt or mother. She’s definitely elder. And there was a level of fear there for me, just watching what appeared to be a situation that could have been escalated even further, I was simply trying to de-escalate it.”


In a video online, Monica was performing at the Riverfront Music Festival in Detroit when she noticed a woman get punched in the crowd. She stopped her performance to address the fan.

Monica apologized on the stage but would also issue another statement on Instagram in The Shade Room’s comments:

“I apologized there & I’m apologizing here for my actions but no one would take action ! I was so triggered , I watched & she didn’t appear to even know him! It appeared to be about space during a packed concert! He punched her with ALL his strength! My intentions were to prevent her from being hit again & she wasn’t ! I asked for help, it fell on deaf ears! It was like seeing my mother or an aunt be assaulted!! This woman was 50+ I pray she’s ok! Happy Sunday to everyone!”

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