In Gatorade’s latest ad campaign, the spotlight shines on Damian Lillard, the 6-time NBA All-Star and Gatorade athlete. The ad, titled “Don’t Go Missing,” aims to tackle one of sports’ significant issues – dehydration leading athletes to vanish during crucial moments of play. With humor and wit, the campaign delivers a simple yet crucial message: stay hydrated to avoid going missing from the game.

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In the 30-second spot, Damian Lillard takes center stage, raising awareness about the problem of athletes experiencing dehydration-induced struggles during critical game situations. As a Gatorade athlete, he knows the importance of proper hydration in maintaining peak performance.

The “Don’t Go Missing” campaign injects humor into an evergreen message from Gatorade – the importance of staying hydrated to perform at one’s best. It highlights Gatorade’s role as the sports fuel leader, standing on the sidelines for decades, fueling athletes and helping them stay at the top of their game.

GATORADE Missing Still Shannon
GATORADE Missing Still Shannon

Adding to the ad’s allure, Shannon Sharpe makes a cameo appearance. Known for calling out professional athletes who seem to disappear during pivotal moments of games, Sharpe’s presence emphasizes the ad’s core message even further.

You can see the “Don’t Go Missing” spot below.