Did Drake buy Tupac’s ring? Just the other day, Tupac Shakur’s iconic Gold, Ruby, and Diamond Crown Ring, personally designed and commissioned by the legendary rapper in 1996, achieved a groundbreaking milestone at auction, selling for an astounding $1,016,000. This historic sale marks the most valuable Hip Hop artifact ever sold at auction and the only one to surpass the $1 million mark, surpassing its estimated value by more than triple.

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Turn the page to today, and Drake is flexing the ring on Instagram to promote his new verse on UTOPIA, in which he dissed Pusha T, referencing Pharrell’s jewelry that he also purchased.

Worn by Tupac during his final public appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1996, the ring holds a sentimental inscription “Pac & Dada 1996,” a reference to his engagement to Kidada Jones, his sweetheart.


The auction, which saw an impressive total of $1.8 million, ranks as the second-highest for a dedicated Hip Hop sale at Sotheby’s. Tupac’s custom crown ring embodies his signature aesthetic and is a treasured piece of Hip Hop history. The design, inspired by the crowns of medieval European kings, reflects Tupac’s act of self-coronation and his triumphant journey through a turbulent life. The ring’s central cabochon ruby and diamond embellishments add to its regal symbolism, linking it to the imagery of monarchy and wealth. This legendary artifact is a testament to Tupac Shakur’s lasting impact on music, culture, and the world.

You can see the ring and hear Drake’s verse on “MELTDOWN” below. You can also learn more about the Drake diss here.

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