Basketball star Dwight Howard and his ex, Tiffany Render, have agreed to an update to their child support following his request to decrease payments due to his change in income.

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According to Radar Online, Howard and Render have come to a total of $3K, down from the previous number of $12K. In 2015, Render sued Howard for paternity and child support, leading to the initial monthly payment to support his daughter Layla. At the time, Howard was making $21 million a year with his NBA contract.

In addition to the total, Howard and Render worked out a visitation and custody schedule conducive to his playing schedule.


With Howard’s yearly salary now at $2 million, the new total was awarded due to “a significant change” in his income. As part of the court proceedings, Howard asked for Render to pay his legal fees, which she denied, and also stated he failed to fulfill his duties as a parent.

In addition to Layla, Howard has four more kids.

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