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For the past 50 years, hip hop has expanded into a global art form impacting all areas of life. The culture embodies music, poetry, fashion, art, dance, and a plethora of extended forms of merchandise and opportunities.  New Orleans award winning songwriter Devious captures the essence of hip hop as we celebrate the 50th year anniversary with his comprehensive national mixtape Memories 3.

Enlisting his lifelong friends and fellow artists Mac and Fiend, who both gained national acclaim from their recordings via No Limit Records, Devious accentuates the core of authentic hip hop on a definitive body of work.


The musical compositions crafted by the New Orleans trailblazer contain the original elements that shaped the lifestyle and genre since the beginning. Soulful samples, infectious drum patterns, and heartfelt lyrical performances anchor Memories 3 which truly mirrors the original sonic foundation of legendary hip hop songs.

In alignment with various emotions all humans experience, Devious adds social commentary that connects to true situations we all may witness at some point in our lives.  He channels the happiest of moments with bangers like “Where The Party At” featuring lady emcees Jazzysonola and Amaayah A.

Devious reflects through a  heartfelt tribute to his mother who passed away earlier this year on “We Love You Mama” and he provides sincere inspiration on “Despite The Things”.  He continues with a powerful “Cold Chills, Bars of Steel” featuring Mac. Simply press play. The New Orleans legend takes us on an eclectic journey that documents a timeline in urban music.

Resonating moments are a highlight of Memories 3 because Devious reminds of what hip hop means to the fans and creatives. His ability to entertain in a relevant and nostalgic manner confirm his love for hip hop.  Grooves such as “Life Is Lit”, “Have No Fear”, “Had To Pinch Myself”, “50 Years,” and “Funny How Time Flies” largely describe the eventful music career of an Ascap award winning; Grammy credited songwriter/artist from the crescent city.  

Devious hits the target spot on with Memories 3.  New Orleans artists Allay Earhart and Austin Levy also appear on this memorable project.  Memories 3 will be available on YouTube, TrapsNTrunks, Live Mixtapes, and many more platforms.

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